The Single Leg DeadLift

The Single Leg DeadLift (SLDL) as an exercise has to be safe first so that is why I use this movement as a screen prior to loading it as an exercise.

There should be a great attention to the detail of the SLDL. Precision of this movement is very important and powerful. You need to continuously practice it to make it an efficient exercise. Once the movement is mastered, begin to load and load it heavy. Single leg training relates to everyday life as we walk or it could carry over in to more sport specific training as we run, cut and jump. The SLDL requires an impressive amount of athleticism which will yield improved movement quality and massive strength to the posterior chain.

The SLDL as movement and exercise gives you a great bang for your buck.

When you are constantly creating changes in your visual environment and joint positions, you are creating a high neural load with a lot of information being processed; this is not a mindless exercise. During the movement you constantly challenge your balance, kinesthetic awareness, hip stability and glute strength. There is a great deal of sensorimotor training occurring while executing the SLDL, and there is plenty of research to support the benefits of sensorimotor training.

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