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This picture and video series is an incredible reference for proper execution of what I consider to be the most fundamentally important kettlebell movements. Within these pictures and videos, you will have the tools necessary to take your training to the next level. The Kettlebell has been a major player in my personal fitness training for the past 10 years; in addition, it has played a pivotal role for rehabilitation and performance in my sports chiropractic practice. The power of kettlebell training comes with a “cost” when it is not properly executed with pristine form.

We focus on the technique and lift the kettlebell with intent.

Therefore, we will focus on the technique and lift the kettlebell with intent. The Kettlebell serves as a tool to provide quality load for movement pattern corrections, rehabilitation and many sports performance programs. Kettlebell training allows the body to get into particular positions with safer leverage points providing an awesome tool for corrective exercise, rehabilitation, and sports performance.

MOVEment is Medicine

This eBook helps us focus on the Quality of MOVEment over the Quantity of MOVEment. This will carry over in to improved performance and career longevity.