I had an amazing opportunity to collaborate on an article this week!

Everyone that knows me, knows I am a huge advocate for slacklining. Not only is an amazing tool for your balance and coordination, it’s also extremely fun and challenging. So when Phsychologist, author, TEDx speaker and friend Tracy P Alloway asked me to collaborate on an article about slacklining, I knew this was a great opportunity to share my knowledge and learn at the same time!

Tracy has a passion for working memory and it’s impact on learning.

She was very interested in the correlation between slacklining and it’s impact on the human brain and working memory. For those that don’t know about Tracy, she has a ton of work on the subject and I highly recommend checking out her Instagram. We discuss the challenges of slacklining and how research suggests the activity can lead to major physical and cognitive benefits.

Featured in the Huffington Post & Psychology Today

I’m very proud to say that our article has been featured on some major media platforms, and so please take the time to read and be sure to leave comments and like if you appreciate our findings:

Huffington Post

Psychology Today